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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 8, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ we ben with a fight over furloughs. this mning the california supreme court is considering lawsuits filed by more than 100,000 state workers. >> at issue whether governor schwarzenegger has the power to make them take unpaid days off. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live at the state building in san francisco where the argumes are underway. terry? >> a total of three losses argued before the state supreme court today and here is the question: does the goverr acting alone have the pow to impose furloughs on state workers. he did just that, two furlough days a month and that amounted to abo a 14% pay cut. everyone agre on one thing, that the state was in a fiscal
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cries sit and still is and that's why he used furlghs in the first place. the dmv a very noticeable spot where it impactedhe public. attorneys for the state were says the fiscal crisis was unprecedented and the governor has the power to impose furloughs by executive order. attorneys for unions representing 114,000 state workers were saying furloughs are a violation of labor agreements including a guaranteed 40-hour work week and it's illegal. >> you can notiate with unions. you can institute hiring freeze travel freezes, overtime freezes. you can line item veto budgets for the same savings. he has all the options that are lawful. he chose the one unlawful. >> it stems from his impld and inherent powers as the chief executive officer of the state of california.
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>> a sacramento superior court judge ruled in favor of the governor in all three lawsuits recentlynd here's where it's going to be figured out oncend for all. today's arguments lasted 90 minutes. a decision is expected sometime in the next 90 days. a lot of people are hoping maybe this can be expedited and they can get a decision because there are 114,000 state workers wondering if they' going to get back time or this is how it's going to be. >> terry, thanks very much. governor schwarzenegger is at a silicon valley semiconductor company offering a preview of his upcoming trade mission to china. the governor toured marvel technology in santa clara within the last hour. schwarzenegger and a group of silicon valley leaders including marvel executives leave for china tomorrow. they'll end six days there promoting california business. the governor will ao make a pitch for the bay area to host the wor expo in 2020. the event ferm early known as the world's fair is now in
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shanghai and takes play ever five years. president obama says millionaires don't need a tax cut because they're less likely to spend the money and help the economy. he's proposing infrastructe structure investmentsnd business tax incentives. the white house is out of touch with the american public. he said there should be a freeze on all tax rates. >> how much oracle is plning to pay its co-president mark hurd. the redwood city company plans to pay the former. p. ceo $950,000 a year just in salary. is ao eligible for bonus of $500 million in the fisca year. but the biggest part of the packagis the 10 million stock options oracle plans to giv them. hewlett-paard hopes to prevent him from taking the new job, worriethat he'll use the knowledge of the company's
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secrets to give oracl an unfair advantage. also said it would violate a confidentiality agreent he signed when he resigned. ellison called e suit vindictive >> the transportation commission meeting now to decide whether it should award state funds to pay for bart connect to oakland international airport. the half billion project is said to waste taxpayer money they believe improving the existing bus connector from the coliseum bus stati to the airpor is faster and less expensive. bart disagrees and says the tram project will make it much easier for travelers. >> today santa clara officials set to take another big step to bring the san francisco 49ers to the south bay. santa clara city planner expected to approve zoning changes neede to build the stadium next to the great american theme park. design plans for the $937 million facility is also expected to be approved. santa clara voters okayed the deal in june. now city leaders need to
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finalizes the details so the team can line up financing for construction. if all goes as planne the team would open the2014 season in the south bay. a's owner lou wolf is moving forward with plans to build a new ballpark in the south bay. he's hired an archict to design the park in downtown san jose en though major league baseba has not approved the deal. oakland proposed three stadium sites. >> some goo news today for three richmond schools. the city council voted unanimously last night to spend $100 million to keep kennedy high school and two elementary schools open through the 2011 0 2011-2012 school year. the council did have a warning for the school board. >> they have to get their act together. we can no longer have the city of richmond be atm every time they have a problem and threaten us with an attempt to close
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schools. >> during the meeting the school board president even argued that closi closing keedy high would be dangerous cause gang members would be forced to mix together at the remaining schools. >> police in sunnyvale asking for the public's help catching a serial arnist maybe that struck a dozen times. a sketch of a person of intest has been handed out in the neighborhood. a hispanic man 19 to 20 years old between 5-8 and 5-10 inches tall with a slender build. this pern may be tide to at least 15 arsons since may. nine of the fires happened a week ago. officials say the incidents are getting more serious. the arsonist set a tru on fire last week while a man was sleeping inside. firefighters pulled him t safely. >> the family of a yale graduate student may sue the university for hiring the man suspected of killing her as well as the school lood into her disappearance. today is the one-year anniversary of annie layless
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disappearance. her body was found five days later hidden behind the wall of the lab where she worked. it was supposed to be her wedding bay. an attorney for lay's family is questiing whether yale properlynvestigated his backgowned. said the technician was a control freak who clashed with scientists. >> this morning's drizzle is likely to blame for a power outage in three san francisco neighborhoods. pg&e reported more than 6200 customers lost electricity ter 4:00 this morning in the city's mission, western edition and laurel heights neighborhoods. all the power was restored an hour later. officials stay at least three tranormers have blown and pg&e crews are working to repair them. >> still ahead, google officially took the wraps off its new instant search feature this morning promising reduce your search time and sending a two-day doodle mysry. oil giant b. p. releases it own report who's to blam for the
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massive oil spill in the gu of mexico. >> top u.s. and afghan officials on the florida church's plans to burn the holy bobo ♪ [ female announcer ] introding tv... you can take with you. u-verse now lets you download, watch hit tv shows and schedule recordings on your mobile phone. order u-verse tv today. plans stting at just $29 a montfor six months, with dvr included. us upgrade to u-verse u300 and get the u-verse mobile app free. take the u-vse tv experience with you. and record up to four shows at once fromny room on a sine dvr and play them back on any tv in your house. ♪ order u-verse tv tod. plans starting at just $29 a month for six months, with dvrncluded. plus upgrade to u-verse u300 and get the u-verse mobile app free.
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u-verse mobile and u-vse tv. only with at&t. ♪ watch the 700 said, "hey, we're going watch out for ourselves." it's a predominantly white town, and thatends to it fosters racial profiling. we took a stand and we just said, "hey, we're going to watch a new hotspot the immigratio debate... we do not want illegal aliens in our town. this one -- over a thousand miles from the border. the way that freemont is choosing only fosters discrination. it fosters racial profiling. we took a stand and we just said, "hey, we're going to watch out for ourselves." it's a
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predominantly white townand that tends to breed some misunderstanding. plentyf friends...and a growing family. why fremont, nebraska is standing witarizona in the fight over illegal immigtion. on the "700 club" club, in colorado authorities are searching for eight people who did not leave their homes as a massive wildfire railed to the foothills near boulder. the 71 hundred acre fire destroyed 92 structureso far. it's not clear the missing
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people were in the homes of that been desoyed. nearly 3500 people were forced to run for their liv when that fire started monday. authorities are investigating reports the fire started when a car ran into a propane tank. >> b.p. released an internal report today on the causes of last april's deadly explosn and oil spill into the gulf. in that report, b.p. blames itself, rig owne transocean and cement contractor halliburton for a complex series of failures for the incident. the did he vice should have cut off the flow of oil from the ruptured well but didn't. analysts say the report is far from the definitive ruling on the exploon's cause but may provide a hint of b.p.'s legal strategy. it killed 11 workers and sent 2006 million gallons of oil into the gulf.
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>> in a new conrence said to have no plans to cancel the burning of the muslim religious book the karan in spite of international outcry that has now reached into afghanistan. the top u.s. commander there talked with the afghan president karzai and they agree the karan burning by the florida pastor would undermine u.s. effortsn afghanistan. also today the u.s. secretary of state added her voice. >> the planned karan burng by a tiny florida church this saturday, the 9th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks, has sparked a global cons jersey. >> it doesn't in any way represent americans or american governme or american religious or political leadership. >> thean at the center of the storm, pastor terry jones, leader of the 50-member outreach center. even this warnin from the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan. >> it puts our soldiers in jeopardy very likely. >> doesn't have jones' backing down. >> i think jesus would not run
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around burning books but i think he would bur this one. radical islam is dangerous. let's keep an eye on it, say no to it. >> it would be the latest demonstration tarting muslims nationwide. many at the planned community center and mosque two blocks from ground zero. in this morning's op-ed, says if america backs down from constructs the ceer rewe see the discourse and our future to radicals on both sides, a paradigm between the clash in the west will continue. john boehner laced the two issues saying he is against both. >> pastor jones and those who want to bud the mosqu just because you have a right to do something in america does not mean it is the right thin to do. >> also weighing in on the controversy, the cat can and the vfw, also which strongly condemns the planned karan burning. abc news, new york.
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>> heavy rai is causing problems once again around dallas. crews are in the process of rescuing people stranded in the apartment complex in the suburb of arlington. remnants of tropical storm hermain that swept the shore in south texa on monday. >> meteologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> our own measurable drizzle this morning, about 600th's in san francisco. let's take look, see if we can find sunshine. sure, me breaking through as the cold air starts to move in. look for more drizzle along the coast and our coole temperatures in the week. where we'll see sunshine in just a few minutes. >> all ght, mike. thanks very much. important information every parent wants to know. the latest results for car booster seats for children. >> in san jose, an innovative progra to get students involved in the environment.
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♪ mountain view based google puts speculation to rest this morning and officially intruced what it calls instant s search. it means you can search your results and evolve as soon as you stt typing in your quarry.
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google says its search engine can anticipate wha you're looking for and reduce average search time by 2 to 5 seconds. the rollout ends two days of buildup through mysterio doodle that ended with live updates. you know the gray this morning. >> anticipate the interest. good site to try out. >> how about instant updat on the weather. >> jus open the weather windo south beach to the east. you see off in the distance berkeley and oakland. a lot of low-topped cumulus clouds. when you bring a cold, damp air mass in over relatively warm ground. that's what we're doing with this fall air mass from alaska and canada san jose we have the cloud cover and a little sprinkle or two may drop but the best chance of seeing anythin will be along the coast whe we could have drizzle during the afternoon hours. let's take a look at temperatures. look how cool they are. still in the 50s in san
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francisco, half moon bay, los gatos. low to mid-60s around the bay and mid-s in inland valle in the north bay and east bay. low to mid-60s the montey bay and inland to gilroy and salinas. don't think it's going to warm up with much more than we're dealing wit now. yesterday that cool crisp breeze and that drizzle chance at the coast. >> drying and clearing as high pressure moves in tonight and starts to scrub our sky clean. it will bring warmer, drier and brighter weekend. as far as today, keep droppin again in most neighborhoods. san francisc could be the exception, oakland 63. concord ops two more degrees to 70. redwood city, san jose, santa rosa. 7, 8 and 9 degrees cooler. yesterday we we about 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the day before. what a significant change this cold front has made. look at the outline of the clouds, the drizzle it kicked up, the cold air cumulus clouds
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that's gog to be here today. it's pretty narrow. behind it this area of hi pressure. let's drop down and find out how much warmer it's going to get. not much. upper 60s today with a partly sunny sky. on the peninsula mid to upper 60s, cloudy and drizzle along the coast and mid to upper 50s for you. sunshine around downtown, south san francisco and sausalito with low 60s for you. a little more sunshinen the north bay vaeys, upper 60s to low 70s. at your beaches pretty cloudy and mid to upper 50s. partlyunny on the east bay shore. mid to upper 60sor you. likely warmer if you will in the east bayalleys and breeze, too, with low 60s, too. monterey bay, cloud cover. mid to upper 60s inland. a good chance of seeing some showers just down to the south and the higr elevaons in your neighborhd. speaking of ra and showers, tahoe 60 today. the snow level tonight could drop to around 8500 feet.
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scattered thunderstorms, even some snow tonight. wrapping up the series with the mariners. really cloudy, a little damp outside. 58 by the time the game ends. santa rosa 49, low to mid-50s in most other neighborhoods. even 49 in half moon bay. here's a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow we'll jump nearly 2 to 4 degrees as we'll see more sunshine today and the breezes will start to taper. on fray we'll jump another about 2 to 6 degrees and then inland we'll jump a couple more degrees over the weekend. the weeke more colin powells, low to mid-70s around the bay, low to mid-80s inland. >> listen to this. a new government review suggests that car booster seats are getting betr with proper fit for kids riding in the backseat. given top marks to 21 of 72 seats and evaluated for properly
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restraing children. booster sea are used by children between the ages of 4 and 8 and elevate kids so th seat belts fit them beer. >> you can seehat the lap belt the kips help keep the per shoulder developed in the middle of the shoulder. good position to provide protection in a crash. >> one children's hospital study in philadelphia found kids in booster seats in the back are 45 less likely toe in crashes than kids weang seat belts. go to our website,, and look under "see it on tv." >> children and parents at one san jose elementary school are walking rather than driving to school as part of the new innovative program. it's the parent-led group called a walking school bus. it's because of budget cuts to transportation. the lking school bus also reduces traffic and greenhouse gas emissions.
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mayor check reid says some of the most dangerous conditions are by parents dropping kids off. >> maybe they're forgetl, not paying attention. we do know we have problems around some of our schools with the bad traffic behavior. >> the program also urges drivers to slow down and pay attention in school zones. >> use good advice. coming up next, how the right kind of dance moves can make men more attractive. >> that may have men putting on their dancing shoes.
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, celebrithookups, cher, justin timberlake and usher. womedo many things to cope with morning sickness. now whether there's a proven remedy. how much investmen will it take for silicon valley if the govern succeeds in bringi the world expo to the region. we'll have those stories and more later today at 5:00. >> men, you may want to start working on your dance moves. >> new resech indicates men who dance like this are not only considered more attractive, but also more healt. >> what is that? the robo cop, the electric slide? can't tell. researchers in england created this animation what it calls good dancing. the good dancers did a lot of
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twisti and head moves. >> perford better in biochemical tests. that was the good dancing. bad dancers, the men who ki of twitch and shuffle around. i thought it was kind of cool but what do i know? >> no, the researchers dubbed this b dancing or bad, bad dancing! >> mike, you don't dance that way. i know you worked on it. no, that's disgusting. terrible. wife would never be hay if i did that! may not be happy with the weather. cool today. >> thanks a lot.
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